Technology Development
for CVD Diamond Growth

Plasmability™ is a technology company specializing in the development of CVD equipment and processes for growth of high-quality diamond material. Our talented staff includes backgrounds in mechanical and electrical engineering, plasma processing, process system design, software and CVD diamond growth.

Along with our sister companies, Semiconductor Support Services™ (SSSCo) and Clarity Diamond™, we occupy a modern 25,000 square foot building in the Austin, Texas area, where we carry out all of our business operations, including developing and manufacturing equipment, manufacturing diamond material for gems and other applications, and supporting a world-wide customer base of semiconductor manufacturing companies.

Chemical Vapor Deposition

The technology platform we have chosen is using the CVD method, as it can yield very high- quality material and is useful for a range of applications.

Advanced Microwave Plasma

For our gem production activity, we have developed an advanced microwave plasma platform, which is employed by our sister company Clarity Diamond.

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