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Plasmability Icemaker™
CVD Diamond Growth System

For Advanced Materials Applications:
Quantum, Electronics, Optics

Plasmability is now offering its IceMaker™ CVD diamond growth systems to select customers.

  • Unprecedented Growth: 10 mm thickness in a nonstop process.

  • Ultra-Stable Temperature Control: +/- 3°C for 800+ hours with no change of power, pressure, or chemistry.

  • Precise Impurity Control: Ultra-low leak rates for superior films <1 ppb nitrogen.

  • Advanced Automation: Flexible recipe control, fully automated operation from start to finish, automated data collection, remote access.

Standard Features:

  • Dual-Wavelength Pyrometer: Real-time temperature measurement.

  • Dual Optical Cameras: Monitor growth in real-time.

  • Comprehensive Data Logging: Built-in data and video collection and push-to SQL Server capability.

  • Ultra-Clean Gas Panel with Digital MFC's: Enables precise epitaxial growth.

  • High-Accuracy Pressure Control: Dual capacitance manometers and pressure controller.

  • Reliable Pumping: Efficient and clean performance with dry scroll pumps.

Optional Features:

  • Flexible Power Configurations: Choose 6 kW or 10 kW 2.45 GHz.

  • Chamber Flexibility: Single or dual chamber configurations.

  • Thermal Camera: Large area temperature measurements.

  • Customer-focused solutions: Customization of hardware and software.

Our Facility

  • 10 dual chamber systems (10 kW each chamber).

  • 2 single chamber systems (10 kW each chamber).

  • 3 laser cutting systems for customer samples.

  • Able to supply production quantities or samples of diamond material to customers.


  • US-based

  • Experienced team for installation, field-service and process support.

  • Continuous process advancements from our internal foundry will support the customer.

Dual 10kW IceMaker Configuration (right chamber shown). Picture taken with onboard cameras.

Optional thermal camera

Single crystal sample <1 ppb of nitrogen

Examples of finished gems