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Applications for CVD Diamond Material

The applications for CVD diamond material are varied and range from gems to the highest technology uses. Following is a brief discussion of applications of CVD diamond material.


The largest single application at present and the main focus of our sister company, Clarity Diamond. Lab-grown diamond gems, (lab-grown being the usual terminology), are increasingly being sold for both engagement and wedding rings and in the ‘fashion’ category.


Used in advanced applications where the wide range of transmission, extreme hardness, high thermal conductivity and / or the high index of refraction are critical.

Cutting Tools

The most advanced cutting tools used in applications such as diamond-turning lathes are often fabricated from CVD diamond material. Diamond cutting tools are used in critical applications such as fashioning infrared optics where the extremely high precision of the cut is crucial.

Quantum Devices

There is enormous world-wide interest in quantum devices for applications as diverse as encryption, computing, magnetic field sensing. Research programs around the world, in government labs, universities, and private companies, are looking to commercialize quantum devices.


Diamond shows great potential for both high-frequency and high-power semiconductor devices. The present market for semiconductor devices is over $450B/year and growing steadily. The first applications for diamond-based semiconductor devices are likely to be those where performance is critical, such as satellites and military applications, with commercial applications soon following.